You are the one
Many, many years ago
You are my man
I’m gonna tell you
People always say:
Say just one more word
Бяхме деца,
Lako, lako je sve, uvijek kad imam te
Time changes everything,
For as long as I remember
Siren in my head,
Mitä minä laulan kun olen iloinen
Oh la belle assemblee,
Se budi denot nov
Who can ever tell the colour of a soul
I went everywhere for you
Ekapsa to htes
I am standing strong
Look In To These Eyes
Shuv ha’etsev kan,
I’ve asked my angels, why?
You’ve seen it all before
We used to say that dreams could be so true
Oh, forget, let me breathe, let me live!
Ik ben vergeten
You are like a sunset
Za lasem za gora
Ha dias assim
Girl girl girl can’t you see
Lost And Forgotten
Ej, Ljubice, Ljubice
Ked sa slnko skloni na horehroni
Naj bo, naj bo, naj bo
Algo pequenito, algo chiquitito
I’d go
Pampadadam padadam padadadada
You could be the one in my dreams
Oh, sweet people
How do I begin to imagine?