Neuvostoliittolaiset laskostettu

”…Jumala, CIA tai Leevi Lehto.” — Kuisma Korhonen

Neuvostoliittolaiset laskostettu


3 thoughts on “Neuvostoliittolaiset laskostettu

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  2. Interesting observations. I just know from the experience of hurricanes in Louisiana, it is almost impossible not to help when there is such desperate need. Several reporters in my newsroom helped people find places to stay and shared their supplies with those in need during hurricanes.I always say we are human beings first and journalists second. With the tremendous need in Haiti, I can see why several journalists have felt they couldn’t stand by and observe when they had equipment or skills that could help save a life.Your provocative question though is does it change our experience. I imagine it does somewhat. We do have an important role in asking questions to authority and holding officials accountable that we cannot lose sight of.In the height of chaos, there is often room for opportunism and corruption as we have seen so many times. And we are the only ones tasked with bringing that to light. The role we play sometimes is as life-saving as those who bring food, water, medical care. We cannot lose sight of that. If we are helping to save one life, do we still raise questions about how aid is being distributed, where doctors are needed, etc.? … I think so far the journalists in Haiti have managed to balance this.

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