Eilisen julkaisu, Semicircle

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Sitä miksi ulkoasusta tuli tuollainen en tiedä. Minulle kävi jokin moka taitossa mutta pidän siitä tuollaisena.


3 thoughts on “Eilisen julkaisu, Semicircle

  1. I saw the CNN coverage you meteionnd when it was re-run the other night. During the same program (Anderson Cooper 360), Cooper was covering some looters and at one point dropped his mic to grab a little boy who was being beaten and trampled. Cooper grabbed the boy and handed him over the barricade to safety.The cynical view of both his actions and Gupta’s at the abandoned hospital would be that they were just doing what they did because they knew it would make for good TV. I don’t think that’s true, though.I think their actions are a reminder that journalists are human and we’re human first, reporters second. I also think their actions put them in a better position to do meaningful reporting. They could honestly, and with some genuine outrage, pose the question: What the hell is going wrong here when the only people rendering aid in this horrific situation are the reporters?


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